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Residential & Commercial Services

At Splash Mountain Plumbing Co, we repair, maintain, and replace any fixtures including faucets,  filters, water treatment or piping in the plumbing system.  Our services also include winterization, sump pumps, backflow testing, battery back up systems, steam repairs and well chlorination. 

We use high quality materials from local supply houses. Once the repairs have been made we will double check the repair and clean up completely after the job has been handled. 


We can clean, service and maintain your full plumbing system. We can handle it all from drain cleaning, to repairs,  all the way to new installations. We are trained in various areas of the plumbing field to identify and know the proper type and way to service water treatment, tankless hot water systems, hot water tanks, filters and more. 

Girl Drinking Water

We install top of the line water filtration and equipment.  From small in line filters to the fridge all the way to whole house purification.


We specialize in getting your troubled water in the best shape it can be. Also we are highly skilled in getting well water to have city water quality, taste and pressure. 

Water Treatment & Filtration

Splash Mountain Plumbing Co has certified well inspectors to test and inspect your well equipment and water which are often required when buying or selling a home.  Much like a home inspection we can recommend repairs that are needed immediately or at a later date.

Our experienced plumbers will go over and check the well equipment, test the water, and determine if any items in the well system need to be replaced. Most of the time the repairs go on the seller to handle.


Lastly, we test the water. Learning more about your water quality is very important for the longevity of the plumbing system and the health and well being of you and your family. 

Well Inpections
Garden Hose Sprinkler

As a home inspector, Jason and Splash Mountain are not only my go-to referral source for my clients, but they're who I call when I need plumbing work done on my own home. Jason has really helped to improve the quality of my well system. The work is always top quality and priced right.

Eric S.

Bainbridge, OH

Get it done right the first time.  Call Today.

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